Appearance on BK Live for Beyond Coding

Over the past few months, I've been involved with a program called, which is a series of courses at New York City tech companies designed to develop career skills for people who are entering the tech industry.

I produced one of the classes with Maryam (see our NLP talk) at Foursquare on technical communication. I would describe it as a workshop that involved talks by Maryam and myself as well as some audience participation and group communication.

On Tuesday, I was interviewed on BK Live, which is a show on BRIC TV (a Brooklyn-focused television station in New York). Also appearing on the round table was Bethany Marzewki who works at stack overflow and did a great job organizing Beyond Coding with the New York Tech Talent Pipeline. This also features program students Keanna Hines and Shlomo Maghen!

Ok enough of the background, here's the full video!

A few notes on what I said:

  1. I really wished I played up Foursquare and Swarm more, especially for high school and college aged people. I mean - if that were available to me when I was in high school or even much younger, I'd be all over it! For one, I'd compare checkins to the (now defunct) North and South cafeteria in Weston High School. I was sort of vague on whether Foursquare or Swarm would be something that could get a teen interested in technology. Obviously there are certain applications, like do-my-taxes applications that isn't going to get anyone interested. I should have put Foursquare on Swarm squarely on the other side of that!

  2. I don't condone cheating.. seriously. Good thing I'm not running for office, or that'd be a great campaign ad for my opposition. I think modding games, though, and learning how to hack code in the process, is great. So long as you're not betting on the games.