Watch this Space in 2018

As the year wraps up, I just wanted to let you all know that I am planning a really exciting new project for 2018 that is going to take my "content-creation" to the next level. If you like to hear about probability, travel, technology, and all the topics I discuss - this will be something to look forward to!

I know that's cryptic - but I wanted to tease it out before the new year. In addition, I've taken 2 really fascinating trips this year that I wanted to blog about. The first was my trip to Kentucky and Tennessee to see the eclipse, and the other was my trip to the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation to do some volunteer work in that community. I was heavily involved in planning the latter which meant that this blog was a bit neglected, but I hope to give a full report on it soon!

I have a whole bunch of posts lined up too - and at Foursquare I've been shopping some talks with the "Data" crew that I may want to share publicly.

But for tonight - I'm going to go out, celebrate, and possibly have my yearly slice at Koronet Pizza. Judging from the jackets, it clearly wasn't as cold 3 years ago as it was tonight.Happy New Year everyone!