My Message To Zipcar Customer Support

Note: I’m posting this for entertainment value only, and not to get anything more than Zipcar. Despite this experience, it’s worked for me in the past - so I hope I can get it to work again. But I think this is pretty funny - and it won’t do any more damage to Zipcar than the stuff that’s already out there - so I’ll post it.

Another Note: I should post more about the better experiences in life.. but this was already written

The Message
I originally reserved the car from my apartment building garage at XYXYXYXYXYX, Brooklyn for a fun night out from 6pm to midnight.

I unexpectedly got an email saying that the reservation was moved a few blocks away to YZYZYZYZYZY lot. No Problem!

I got there at 6, and the attendants said that the car isn't there.

First call to Zipcar Customer Service: Confirmed that the previous renter is late, decided to wait. We'll give you a small credit an extra time.

Got a coffee... 6:30. Car still isn't there.

Second call to Zipcar: Ok, we'll give you a reservation in Park Slope. Oh wait that guy is late too! Ok on Henry Street.

So, we take a 15 minute uber ride to henry street. Zipcar app undoes my discount! Ok call #3 - they say the discount is coming.

Get there at 7. The car is not there! Call Uber [sic.. meant Zipcar] again.. sorry the car isn't at this location - would you like another Brooklyn location - or I can try to locate the car.

Car located! It's 5 blocks away, but you have to cross under a busy highway in an industrial zone. Run across that street!

Ok, takes a few minutes but we honk and honk and finally find the car at 7:30.

Ended up getting back at 1:45 am in some Random Part of Brooklyn! Was that really a good idea? Probably not. Wanted to get home at midnight, but got home past 2am instead because of the second Uber ride.

I posted my Uber stubbs below.. but I certify the above story is accurate. I think I deserve an extra discount - I'm not sure I should rely on Zipcar in the future after this.